October 4, 2009

Chipotle Tamale Pie & Leftovers

I forgot to do a post for last night's dinner; so here I am, playing catch up again!

We needed to go grocery shopping so we decided to throw this casserole-of-sorts together and head out to the store after dinner. It was an exciting Saturday night, let me tell you!
Then this morning, we took the boy to the park to feed the ducks and play on the playground. The weather has cooled down some here in AZ, so it was actually pleasant to be outside. There was even a nice breeze! We had lunch at our favorite pizza place and stopped at the mall to get the boy some necessities (i.e. socks, underwear, and the like). All in all, our activities were not that exciting...but it was really nice to spend time together as a family. It won't be too long before our family outings will need to include a lot more planning and lugging a double stroller around everywhere. I am really enjoying this last little bit of time with just my son and husband.

Since we need to reorganize my son's closet to make room for his new purchases, I think we will just have this Tamale Pie again, as dinner leftovers. After all, it's very yummy and there is a lot left to go around. Why cook again if I don't have to????

Here is the recipe link to this dish:

Chipotle Tamale Pie

This dish is pretty filling on it's own, so typically I just serve this meal with a side salad and call it good. This is one of those dinners that is often requested at my house. Put a dollop of low fat sour cream on top and you won't be sorry!

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