October 11, 2009


There is nothing really exciting to report at our house dinner-wise this weekend. Yesterday, we went over to my in-law's house for dinner. The husband needed to do some work on his truck with his dad, so we ended up staying all day and having an easy dinner of take out In n' Out burgers, fries, and vanilla milkshakes. It was really good, and kinda hit the spot.

Today, we are working on getting our house-and piles of laundry-in order. It seems that laundry is my number one household nemesis. Sigh. Anyway, I want something easy for our dinner tonight and tacos fit the bill. As I said before in an earlier taco post,there is not a certain taco "recipe" that I follow. I literally buy pre-made shells, follow the instructions on the back of the taco seasoning packet, and make condiments, such as fresh chopped lettuces, tomatoes, and onions. Yum! Along with my tacos, I will probably doctor up a can of refried beans and call it a night. Tacos are simple and family-friendly...perfect food for a busy day of cleaning and organizing.

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