February 21, 2011


Well, we have had some real stinker recipes lately. I don't want to bore you with my cooking blunders, so I have opted not to post the bombs that have graced our table in the last couple weeks. However, there is a silver lining. Due to my cookbook project,I have identified two cookbooks that are not worthy of my precious shelf space (needless to say the aforementioned "stinker recipes" came from these two offending cookbooks). The books are now out of the kitchen and are on top of the sad heap of a "donate" pile that is in my garage. I now have room for two new (worthy) cookbooks!!! Isn't that good news?!?!? I thought so,too.

In between the bombs, I have been filling in our weekly meal plan with tried and true recipes that I have posted before. It seems that we never get to revisit the dinners that we love all that often, so I have been combing my blog and repeating some of our past successes. This takes the sting out of the failures, as well. I don't know when I am going to get back on track with going through my cookbook collection, but I am hoping that it is soon. I need to build up to it, I think. After some really bad recipes, I need to muster up the confidence to continue with the project. As soon as I make something new and noteworthy, I promise I will be back in action.

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