January 26, 2013

Avocado Chicken Salad

I made this for lunches a couple weeks back and it was tasty. I usually never bother with a structured lunch for me, but end up grabbing leftovers or eating some of the kids chicken nuggets or something. This time, I planned ahead and made this chicken salad to have for a few days. It was really delicious; but with the avocado, it didn't keep fresh for very long. I would suggest making this in small quantities and only saving for a day or two max. Other than that, I was happy to have a different, healthier version of chicken salad on hand for a little bit. I made a sandwich with it the first day, and served it over some salad greens on the second day. As I said, it was super-tasty; however, I won't make the mistake of making a huge batch of it again.

*Sorry there are not any measurements*

Avocado Chicken Salad
From: Becoming Betty website via Pinterest (copy and pasted)

chicken, cooked and shredded
mayo, just a little
green onion, sliced
lime juice to taste
salt/pepper to taste

Directions (from the original website):
I just asked what was in it and then made it to my liking. I probably had 2 cups of chicken and then just threw the rest in until it tasted good. I only used 1 avocado but if you really love avocados, you could use more. I loved the lime juice, so I kept adding more of it little by little. You definitely need a little salt, but the pepper is just if you want to. I used a lot of cilantro and a moderate amount of green onion. Probably 2-3 of them. You can serve this in pitas or just eat it with chips. We loved it and it was really good leftover, too.

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