August 14, 2008

The Result: Cornmeal-Crusted Catfish, Broccoli Slaw, Tartar Sauce, and Potatoes

This dinner turned out awesome. Everything I made cooked perfectly, and all the flavors were complimentary. I will give you the run-down for each item, since I made so many items from scratch.

My bargain fish was still firm and fresh, and it tasted exactly like I expected. I love catfish. I know I proclaim to love a lot of food...but it is all true! I grew up eating catfish, and the flavor just brings me back to my childhood. This recipe was probably one of the best applications of a cornmeal, battered catfish that I have tried. The batter flavor did not overwhelm the fish, and it fried up to a beautiful light, golden brown color. I halved my 2 fillets to make 4 sandwich sized pieces. I served them on lightly toasted hamburger buns. My husband, who has a discerning palate when it comes to fish, really liked this recipe. My son ate a whole sandwich sized fillet by himself. I will definitely keep this dish to use again for my future catfish endeavors.

The tartar sauce was also a winner. It had a complex flavor, but at the same time, it was very well balanced. No single ingredient overpowered another. I only used about a teaspoon of tartar sauce on each bun, which was plenty. I wanted to be able to still taste the fish, and tartar sauce can be too strongly flavored if a lot is used. I would make this again in a heartbeat.

Beth's Broccoli Slaw was delicious, too. But I knew that already. I did like the addition of the celery. It gave it a nice bit of extra crunch. I am happy we have a bunch leftover!

Lastly, my potatoes. Ah, cheesy potatoes. So, so , so good. I love that little brown bits of cheese that bakes around the edges; almost like little cheese crisps. When no one is looking, I pick them off and eat them straight out of the pan. Seriously, they are little nuggets of crispy, crunchy, cheesy goodness. It is worth making these potatoes just for the brown edges.

Everyone at my house was very happy with all the components of this menu. I think this meal will be put in the regular dinner rotation.

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