September 6, 2008

Grilled Chicken, Baked Beans, & Corn

Our dinner tonight was really not all that noteworthy. I bought some pre-marinated chicken thighs and legs from Fresh and Easy a few weeks ago, and we decided to just grill those up. The husband and I spent the day cleaning our house from top to bottom...basically doing our "fall" cleaning. I did not want a huge labor intensive meal to mess up my sparkly, shiny,unbelievably clean, kitchen. So, we went the easy route with heating up canned corn and canned baked beans to serve with our grilled chicken. It was a super-fast meal that left no extra mess behind. The pre-marinated chicken itself was bland, with not much flavor. It just tasted like plain, old, grilled chicken with nothing on it. Not bad...just boring. The husband is a grill master, so the chicken was perfectly cooked and juicy (yes, I am trying to win wife brownie points).
Our son went over to Grandma and Papaw's Party Palace for the day, so we could really focus and get a lot accomplished. It was nice to be able to clean items that are normally overlooked (like dusting my plant shelves), and not have to watch a precocious toddler at the same time. Overall, I would say that we had a very productive day with a somewhat utilitarian dinner.

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