September 24, 2008

Photos/New Format

I can say, with confidence, that I have gotten used to this whole blogging thing. In fact, I was thinking about ways of improving my blog because my current shenanigans are getting a little stale (for me at least). I have a handful of food blogs and websites that I visit regularly and I started thinking about what I like and dislike about these sites. Usually, the ones that draw me in all have photographs. I am more apt to drop everything and try a recipe based on how yummy the photograph of the food looks. Take for example the Pioneer Woman website...her photos are absolutely beautiful (there is no other way to describe them).

So, I am thinking about implementing photos into my blog. I think it is one thing to tell you what I am cooking, but it's a whole different experience if I show you. Now, I am not a fabulous photographer. In reality, I am a photography class drop out...just ask Claire about that one. My photos would be elementary, at best. I think over the next week I will play around with inserting photos of "what's cooking". I haven't decided on a definite format, so I think I will just try some different shots and see what works best. Also, I am not sure when to post the photos, so I may need to play around with my current format,as well. If it is too time consuming or too much hassle, I will probably nix my photography experiment all together.

I think I will start with tonight's meal. Once I decide what I am making, I will post the description as usual. I haven't decided if I should update the original post with a photo or just post it in the results.
Also, I am toying with the idea of combining post, result, and photo all in one (i.e. just update the original post as I go along...before I start the next post). I might just try a whole new posting method along with the photo, too. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am not sure what you will see tonight. If it stinks I will go back to my original format. I welcome any comments about my new experiment in formatting/photography, so please let me know how you like/dislike the new posts. Wish me luck!

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claireknightly said...

Once I'm back in the land of the living, I think I'm going to copy your new format. It just makes so much more sense.