April 15, 2009

Saito Chicken and Jen's Italian Pasta Salad

I am so worn out. Seriously, spent. I have been running around non-stop for a couple weeks now, and I am getting burnt out. I really don't like being super-busy. I need "lazy times", and I haven't had many of those lately. As it has been, I ran around all morning doing errands. The boy was unusually unruly, so I think our hectic schedule is starting to get to him. I think he needs some down time, as well. At least dinner will not be too hard to pull together. I really need easy meals when our schedule goes bonkers, and tonight's dinner is a good one. We are having my friend, Claire's recipe for grilled Saito chicken, my pasta salad, and some steamed veggies. Overall, it should be a very delicious, no-stress feast!

Saito Chicken

Jen's Italian Pasta Salad

As I yawn and type this sentence simultaneously, I am thinking that this is going to be it for my witty commentary today. Sorry, I just don't have it in me to do much more with the ol' blog. Hopefully, I can get some relaxing in soon...then I can be back to my usual, hilarious self! In the meantime, we will still have easy and yummy dinners.

The Result:
Yum! (By the way...we didn't do steamed veggies, afterall. Just salad and our chicken and pasta salad. Oh...and the white cheese in the pasta salad is feta.)


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Fantastic! Def. a keeper.