July 7, 2009

Fish Sticks with Tartar Sauce, Tater Tots, and Steamed Veggies

I have been feeling "off" lately, so I don't know how much real cooking you will see from me for awhile. Tonight is more of the same convenience, easy-type food. It is ridiculously hot again today, and I am just not in the mood to prepare dinner. Really, I just want to get some food in our bellies, and call it a night. I have some homemade tartar sauce that needs to be used up from the last time I made fish sticks, so I am thinking today is a good day to use it. Also, since I have settled on fish sticks, I may as well just go for the gusto, and pair it with tater tots as a side dish. Really, if I am going to poison us with pre-packaged/processed foods, I may as well go all out and do it right! ;)

I am hoping to get back into the swing of my normal kitchen routine soon. Until then, I am still on mini-cooking vacation (I say "still" because the last couple of weeks have been pretty ho-hum for us, dinner-wise). I will probably still post my day to day meals, and I think I have one new recipe slated for tomorrow. I may shoot for one or two new recipe a week, until I get whatever is going on with my health under control. My goal is to be back into full blog/cooking mode by the beginning of August.

Until then...here is the link to the Tartar Sauce recipe I use. It really is fan-freakin'-tastic!!!

Tartar Sauce

Yum! This sauce truly makes frozen fish sticks a little more special.

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